Parkinson’s Awareness Month — with Sharon Krischer

You were diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009, how did your life change after that?

What symptoms did you have initially?

How did your family react to your diagnosis?

Have you had to adapt your way of life to deal with Parkinson’s?

What would you want the loved ones and the family ones to really understand about Parkinson’s?

How did you manage to get through the dark moments of Parkinson’s?

Can you tell us more about your work in the Parkinson’s community?

A lot of people in India and other countries often face stigma relating to Parkinson’s and are unwilling to talk about it. What could we do to change things around?

What would you say to someone just diagnosed with Parkinson’s?



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Lifespark Technologies

Lifespark Technologies

Lifespark Technologies provides personalised healthcare for those with Parkinson's Disease.